Jane Gabriels

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Jane Gabriels

This Thursday morning, we’ll be joined at our weekly training by Jane Gabriels—a performer, writer, producer and teacher from New York City. She comes our way courtesy of ArtSpot Productions, who has arranged her visit.

We’re very excited to have her leading this week’s training at Divine Yoga (1228 Oretha Castle Haley), and would like to welcome any interested performing artists to join us from 8:30-11:30am this Thursday, April 12th.

There is no fee for the workshop, but she is asking for donations. Please read the full description below so that you can come prepared and ready to move.

The Lost, The Found, The Fantasy: Urban Meditation

Through an interdisciplinary approach, participants will work with excavating found images, phrases overheard on the bus, movement studies from the street, found sounds and texts to develop their own response to the city and its current dialogue with us. These found materials are things that pulled you towards them, attracted your attention, even if you are not completely sure why.  From this fieldwork material, participants will work in studio with further writing, movement and installation experiments to explore re-enlivening our city-life. Informal, “instant” showings link what has been found with a larger vision of what could be possible.

*Participants are asked to come to the studio with a scrap of conversation overheard publicly, a picture of a specific place or person in the city, a gesture or series of gestures that they observed in their everyday walks, a torn piece of text found on the street.

For the workshops, please bring pen, paper, and wear comfortable clothing to move in, plus your imagination and readiness to share your discoveries!

Jane Gabriels is a performer, writer, events producer and teaching artist. She has performed her poems, songs and been part of many dance theater projects throughout NYC and Montreal Canada, as a soloist and in collaboration. For over ten years, she has supported the work of artists in community-art projects as curator, producer and as artistic consultant in the South Bronx, NY, Montreal, NYC and San Juan, PR. She has taught this workshop most recently as an Artist in Residence at La Elastica in Montreal, Canada. Jane has a Masters in Creative Writing and her current course work involves urban studies and research/creative processes. She believes in expansive thinking and motivating other artists to Go For It.


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